Ola Electric Scooter Comes to the Rescue, Pushes Hyundai Xcent with Road Problem



Introduce the incident where an Ola Electric scooter was spotted assisting a Hyundai Xcent car that encountered a road problem. Highlight the power and capabilities of the Ola Electric scooter that made it capable of assisting the stranded vehicle.


  •  Overview of the Ola Electric scooter:

  • The Ola Electric scooter is equipped with a powerful electric motor that boasts an impressive peak power output of 8.5 kW. With a torque of 58 Nm, this eco-friendly two-wheeler packs a punch that rivals many traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. This formidable motor not only ensures a smooth and efficient ride but also grants the Ola Electric scooter the ability to provide assistance in unexpected situations.


  • Highlight the different modes of the Ola Electric scooter:


  •  One notable feature of the Ola Electric scooter is its ability to operate in four different modes: eco, normal, sports, and hyper. Each mode caters to different preferences and requirements, allowing riders to customize their experience. The eco mode emphasizes energy efficiency and range, enabling riders to maximize their travel distance on a single charge. The normal mode strikes a balance between performance and efficiency, catering to everyday commuting needs. Sports mode offers an exhilarating ride, emphasizing acceleration and responsiveness. However, it is the hyper mode that truly showcases the scooter’s capabilities.


  • Focus on the hyper mode:

    In hyper mode, the Ola Electric scooter achieves an impressive top speed of 116 km/hr. This remarkable velocity not only positions it as a formidable urban commuter but also played a significant role in the recent incident where it assisted a stranded Hyundai Xcent car. The scooter’s ability to swiftly reach such high speeds allowed it to provide the necessary push and help the car navigate through the road problem effortlessly.Ola Electric scooter was seen pushing the Hyundai Xcent, emphasizing the significance of the scooter’s power and torque in providing assistance.




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